Healing From the Inside Out.

We Restore Women's Health and Optimize Fertility.

We Restore Women's Health and Optimize Fertility.


Digging Deeper.

Online Appointment

Uncovering Answers.


Treating the Whole You.

There Must Be a Reason.

If you've ever had this thought, you're not alone.
"A reason ..... for my pain, abnormal bleeding, mood swings, and our infertility."
Any of this sound familiar?
→ Visiting countless medical specialists
→ Pain and suffering without a diagnosis
→ Feeling like no one is listening to your whole story
→ Treatment plans that don't work
→ Steered down a path as your "only option"
→ Underlying values belittled

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A Journey to Restored Life.

We peel off band-aid treatments and cure diseases below the surface.

See the Big Picture.

We provide thoughtful, unrushed care; interpreting the signs and symptoms you describe while integrating your medical history - putting the pieces together.

Get to the Root.

Your illness may have multiple root causes, or one condition can cause a variety of symptoms.
A structured approach is necessary to diagnose every disease affecting you.

Restore Health.

We develop a personalized plan together. Diseases are treated to restore a woman to normal-preserving reproductive health and avoiding therapies that suppress natural processes. Our treatments address the whole person- mind and body.

Meet Dr. Pakiz.

Hello! I am Dr. Kristina Pakiz. I am privileged to have front-row seats into the lives of women and couples. As their stories unravel, the common thread is feeling unheard and dismissed. This propels them to search for a physician who thinks outside the box and our paths converge. Using the unique gifts I have been given, I am able to help women get their lives back and couples achieve their goal of becoming parents. Witnessing the profound transformation from pain to fullness of life confirms my purpose. I was created to be an instrument of healing.



"Thank you for being the one that listened and believed me. We never thought we would have the opportunity to become parents and thanks to you and your dedication to finding the answers, we have the greatest gift of all."


"You have made this journey so much easier. Thank you for sharing your compassion and skills with us! We couldn't ask for a better experience in women's health."


"It quickly became apparent to me that you practice an approach that honors women as emotional and physical beings. By respecting and listening to women, you are doing far more than healing bodies, you are healing couples."

Dreams Realized.

Dr. Pakiz has helped a multitude of women and couples experience healing. Your path could reach the same destination.


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