We Believe Women
Deserve Better

We Believe Women
Deserve Better.


The Vivify Difference.

  • Tailored.

    Our individually tailored plan is decidedly better than the customary cookie-cutter approach. We pinpoint the needs of your one-of-a-kind biology and use all appropriate therapies to restore health.

  • Rigorous.

    We don't accept the diagnosis of 'unknown infertility' since it is truly 'unsearched-for infertility.' You deserve a diagnostic workup that leaves nothing uncovered. You deserve to know why.

  • Natural.

    Our patients are encouraged to learn the scientifically based Creighton Model Fertility Care System to chart their cycles. A revolutionary science called Natural Procreative Technology (NaProTechnology) is used to interpret the Creighton Model chart and recognize abnormalities.

  • Intuitive.

    NaProTechnology principles include working cooperatively with a woman's menstrual and fertility cycle and treating root causes. NaProTechnology is employed by Dr. Pakiz to cure diseases, supplement deficiencies, and monitor health.

Do you experience any of these symptoms?

Abnormal Cycles

Chronic Pelvic Pain

Ovarian Cysts

Mood Swings

Painful Periods

Recurrent Miscarriages


Abnormal Bleeding

Past Pelvic

Previous Ectopic Pregnancy

Our Detailed Diagnostic Workup.

Dr. Pakiz will individualize testing for you:

This is a core component of a gynecologic workup which can reveal multiple conditions. If necessary, MRI can be utilized for additional imaging.

Having regular menstrual periods and positive LH test strip results does not ensure normal ovulation. With a series of ultrasounds we are able to diagnose ovulatory defects such as releasing the egg too early or never releasing it from the ovary.

Women function with a different set of hormones every day. Blood work must be done at the appropriate time in the cycle (related to ovulation) in order to diagnose a hormonal abnormality.

The gold standard for diagnosing a common disease (affecting 10% of women) called endometriosis requires looking through a small incision in the belly button with a camera. The lesions are usually too small to be seen on imaging studies. Many other gynecologic abnormalities are also diagnosed with visual inspection.

A very small camera is placed inside of the uterus (with no incision) to diagnose benign growths, structural abnormalities, and inflammatory disease. Biopsies can be obtained to look for infections and abnormally growing tissue.

Utilizing a specialized technique, the patency of each fallopian tube is evaluated individually. If the pressure inside the tube is elevated or a blockage is present, we may clean out the tube using a floppy metal wire.

Your Pain has been Life-Altering.
Your Treatment Plan Should be too.

The Vivify Process.



Telehealth and in-person appointments available now.



Obtain pertinent medical records and fill out appropriate forms.



Dr. Pakiz listens to your whole story.



Appropriate testing is explained and initiated.



A comprehensive plan to treat all diseases is employed.



In time your body is restored to health.



Working together to reach your goals.

The Roadmap Begins with You.


Free Digital Guide – Endometriosis 101